We are a distribution company dedicated to offering one of the best natural meats, certified directly by the INAC and supplied directly from our farms in Uruguay. We currently export to several countries around the world. To include Europe, and Asian Countries. Our intention is to introduce our different brands of meat to the United States and provide the best possible quality and services to all our clients.

Our Mission

Being a company dedicated to the service of our customers, offering customized solutions that are your expectations regarding the quality of the product, service and benefits. Create trust that allows long-term relationships.

Our Vision

To be a company of production and distribution of products of high quality for companies and direct publicity, to add value to our clients, helping them to manage options that allow them to strengthen their clientele and obtain grater profit in their businesses.

INTERFOODS began its operations with Uruguay more than four years ago, linked to a group of entrepreneurs, with 5 years of experience and great passion for agribusiness. Today, Interfoods expands to The United States, offering high-quality natural products, coming from natural fields.

The passion to produce premium beef is demonstrated by a vertically integrated farm industry, that goes from natural cultivated pasture, genetic development, birth, care and growth of the animal in all their stages. Also, including the cattle for slaughter, until the arrival to our distribution center and customer hands; presenting healthy products from the field, these goals are the results of products with the highest quality standards, based on technology and qualified human capital.

And… Why Uruguay?

Over 400 years of story, Uruguay is ranked as the best country in the meat export and products industry. Also, It´s good weather and natural privileges are perfect for the raising cattle. Uruguay has great flowing creeks and rivers, providing a unique environment for natural pasture for the cattle breeding.

As well, strongly audited by quality programs, and designed protocols by the Instituto Nacional de Carnes (INAC) that means, Meats National Institute; allow it to obtain important certifications, to confirm the high-quality and safeness of Uruguayans meats production, the only country in the World with a mandatory traceability system for the 100% of the cattle.

In our Farms

  • The Interfoods equation is simple, care the Naturals farms to benefit the livestock, and this is remarkable in each of our products.
  • The production cycle begins with the genetic development, birth, growth, and nutrition of the animals based on natural pastures.
  • Our farms are highly qualified and 100% natural, that’s mean have not been affected by human activities. Also, Uruguay has extraordinary benefits weather for the livestock farming, extensive natural prairies, and good fertile soils for the pasture, which is used in cattle feed. As well, agrochemicals and soil management.
  • It is for that reason that Uruguay is ranked in the first “most greens” countries and the environmental care. Without leaving behind the powerful human team, engaged in fieldwork.